LOVE THERAPY ZERO plays an important role through this team, dedicating itself to the creation and installation of seasonal decorations that extend throughout the vast structure of the UNIVERSITY HOSPITALS OF GENEVA.

The main goal is not only to beautify spaces but also to infuse a sense of vitality and positivity into an environment that is often characterized by challenge and stress.

Through care and attention to decoration, we seek to offer not only a pleasing visual aspect but also to stimulate emotional well-being, bringing a bit of comfort and serenity to those who live in or work under often demanding circumstances.

Volunteers are involved not only during the installation phases but also actively participate in the process of preparing decorations at home. The decorations are prepared based on the indications and materials provided by LOVE THERAPY ZERO.

This team’s uniqueness lies in the possibility of making a significant contribution from the comfort of one’s own home, allowing even those with work commitments and limited time to volunteer.

Love Therapy Zero

Thanks to your support, every year we can make a real difference to the daily lives of many vulnerable children and adults in a variety of ways.