ANGELS FLOWERS bring the beauty of nature into healthcare facilities, contributing to creating a welcoming, positive, and reassuring environment for patients. This project gives a second life to these flowers. Instead of throwing them away, we recycle and repurpose them to spread joy and comfort to those in need.

ANGELS FLOWERS brings a touch of beauty and serenity to hospital environments, nursing homes, and provides comfort to cancer patients, terminally ill individuals, families in need, abused women, and many others. The team dedicates itself to gathering unsold flowers from florists and shops in Geneva, transforming them into vibrant bouquets of fresh flowers and colorful floral installations.

Flower therapy extends beyond those receiving the bouquets, involving the entire team. Volunteers from different backgrounds and situations find relief and satisfaction in creating bouquets together. Our initiative is achieving considerable success, engaging not only those receiving the flowers but also an increasing number of florists who show an interest and desire to participate in our project.

Since 2023, ANGELS FLOWERS has expanded its activities in Italy with the following equips, continuing to spread joy through flowers, scents, and colors, with the goal of expanding to as many places as possible: 


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With their artistic skill and passion, the teams at ANGELS FLOWERS are dedicated to creating a haven of serenity, spreading a message of hope through floral beauty. Stay connected and updated by following us on Instagram.

If you wish to be part of our extraordinary team around the world, do not hesitate to get in touch with us; it will be a true pleasure to welcome you into our family and support you in the initiation process.

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Thanks to your support, every year we can make a real difference to the daily lives of many vulnerable children and adults in a variety of ways.