ANGELS KIDS was established in 2015 to support children in hospitals. Volunteers dedicate their time to interacting with the child or teenager, and sometimes even their family, by offering games, puzzles, arts and crafts, or simply lending an ear, aiming to create a warm and vibrant atmosphere tailored to the children’s preferences.

Through activities such as painting, crafts, balloon art, manicures, board games, and other special events, they endeavor to alleviate the hospital environment’s seriousness, eliciting genuine and cheerful smiles.

If children are confined to bed, volunteers bring a charming, fully equipped suitcase to their room, allowing for recreational activities, providing the opportunity to bring moments of joy and lightness with the aim of uplifting their spirits and relaxing them.

In this way, ANGELS KIDS also supports nurses who can tend to other patients and their duties, and they support parents by giving them the chance to take a break for themselves, rest, or talk to doctors.

Love Therapy Zero


In nearly 10 years, we’ve been privileged to collect a myriad of heartwarming stories.

We can recall moments like Melissa's smile when, during one of our volunteer days, she created the Love Therapy Zero logo—a mandala of intertwined hearts in different colors, with a large heart at the center!

There is a remarkable magic in witnessing the transformation of teenagers within the hospital walls. Initially greeted with skepticism, their doubts fade away as they encounter an unexpected source of joy. "I thought the hospital was a sad place, but instead..."

Children who initially walked in with a hint of sadness in their eyes, their spirits uplifted by the laughter and fun we bring, pause before leaving and ask with hopeful anticipation, "Will you be back tomorrow?" It's a question that speaks volumes about the impact we've made, and it fuels our determination to return and spread more joy in their lives.

Our volunteers extend beyond mere assistance; they offer respite for parents, far from home. A brief moment to step away, make a phone call, or grab a sandwich—knowing their children are in good hands with our caring volunteers. It's in these small gestures that parents find solace and support.

Love Therapy Zero

Thanks to your support, every year we can make a real difference to the daily lives of many vulnerable children and adults in a variety of ways.