Thanks to you and with you, we can bring play, smiles, and even joy where there would only be the worry of illness, the fear of an unknown environment, and the anxiety of being away from home.

LOVE THERAPY ZERO is this: it is a smile in the face of illness and despair, it is the colour that enters an environment that might be intimidating. It’s about being close to people going through a difficult time.

Choose how you want to support LOVE THERAPY ZERO: become a volunteer, make a donation, talk about us, organize a solidarity team in your company or your children’s school.

Launch A Fundraising Campaign

Your donations help us continue our work. Even a small contribution can make a significant difference.

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Talk About Us

Spread the word about LOVE THERAPY ZERO and our mission. The more people know about us, the greater the support we can garner. Our aim is to expand wherever there's an opportunity; we are prepared to initiate and support similar projects in other cities and countries.

Solidarity Team

With YOUR support, we can make a difference in the daily lives of many people facing difficulties every year. CREATE A SOLIDARITY TEAM: Organize a workshop within your company or your children's school, a workshop to create decorations in coordination with the ANGELS DESIGNERS team, or create floral compositions with the ANGELS FLOWERS team. Or join an ANGELS KIDS event.
LOVE THERAPY ZERO will be delighted to send a team to introduce the organization and explain how to proceed with the decoration creation process.

Love Therapy Zero

Thanks to your support, every year we can make a real difference to the daily lives of many vulnerable children and adults in a variety of ways.